10 WordPress Theme Ideas For A GirlBoss

How many of you have put down blogging as one of your new year’s goals but still looking for a WordPress theme that speaks to you and your Girlboss image?

I have just what you need today. Choosing the right WordPress theme for your blog is super important as it is the face of your brand and attracts your readers/followers to your blog. WordPress has a lot of FREE themes that are really nice but a lot of them don’t offer customizable options, which can make it hard for you to express your style and your brand. For a sophisticated girl boss like you, I know you are looking for something so much more.

Check out these 10 WordPress Theme Ideas that I have collected for a Girlboss like you!

These designs are all responsive and mobile friendly. Most importantly, they are just perfect for you.

  1. Fashionista Theme from MaiLoveParis: I love this theme, this is actually the theme that you are looking at here on my blog. It comes with a lot of customizable options and is perfect for those of you who love simplicity and minimalism. Use coupon ‘LIPSTICKANDMUFFIN’ at checkout to receive 30% discount on this theme.


2. Chanel Theme from MaiLoveParis: This is another theme that I love. It’s very feminine and very similar to the first theme.Use coupon ‘LIPSTICKANDMUFFIN’ at checkout to receive 30% discount on this theme.

3. Chloe & Marc Theme from MaiLoveParis: A perfect theme for a girl boss that is big on visual and big images. With this theme, you can easily showcase your fashion & stylish outfits. Use coupon ‘LIPSTICKANDMUFFIN’ at checkout to receive 30% discount on this theme.

4. Blue Bird Theme from MaiLoveParis: Use coupon ‘LIPSTICKANDMUFFIN’ at checkout to receive 30% discount on this theme.

5. Rachel Theme from BluChic: If you love pastel colors, feminine vibe, you will love the series of themes I am about to share with you from BluChic.

6. Isabelle from BluChic: This theme is super cute for those of you who want a touch of girliness with the girl boss vibe.

7. Victoria Theme from BluChic: This theme is perfect for any girl boss, entrepreneur to showcase their business and services. This is great if you are looking to establish a website instead of a blog.

8. Estelle Theme from BluChic: This theme is actually FREE and is great if you want to have a little touch of green and tropical on your blog.

9. Adelle Theme from BluChic: This is another cute and FREE theme for those of you who wants to have a sophisticated & chic layout for your blog in a budget.

10. Felice Theme from BluChic: Another FREEBIE for your WordPress ladies! This theme is one adorable one as well. It is great as a fill-in theme while you are working to release your full & complete masterpiece.

Hope you find a theme that fits your personality and your girl boss image! Happy Sunday everyone!


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