Short Hair Styles To Try This Summer


Summer is here and the weather is starting to get warmer and warmer. A lot of us are thinking of chopping some length off our hair for the summer but still don’t know how short is too short or what style to go for.

I chopped off my hair around 3 months ago and to be honest, I love having short hair. It saves so much of my time in the morning because it only takes me literally 3 minutes to blow dry my hair compared to when I used to have long hair. Although I do miss my long hair a little bit, I am all for going short this summer and I have put together this post to give you some ideas of the hottest short hair styles that have been going around this season.

When you talk about short hair, I always immediately think of PIXIE BOY CUT. I know it could be a bit scary to some who have been having long hair all their life but I think girls with pixie boy cut are the coolest and fun. Although this cut is quite tricky and not everyone can rock it, it can add a lot of chic and confidence to your look and is a perfect fit for someone who is looking for a major change.





If I scared you off a little bit by starting with the pixie cut, I apologize 🙂

The next option you can check out is the CLASSIC SHORT BOB. Short bob does give you a bit of room to play with by having it straight, curly or wavy. A little ombre touch would add a lot more texture and fun to your hair if you are going for this look.





If this is still a bit too much of a change for you, LONG BOB is another option. 








Last but not least, I am not sure how many of you can agree with me but the  is everywhere these days. Although it is also tricky depends on the facial features that you have, I think some of us can totally rock this look.

The question is, are you dare to? lol

I am not a big fan of Miley at all but I have to admit that she does rock this half shaved boy cut and made it look classy.






Alright! Happy Friday everyone!

Hope you enjoy my post and see you soon :)!!!

From Tracey with <3

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