3 Fall MakeUp Must-Haves


Fall is here and I am excited to talk about my top 3 products for this Fall. Yes, not top 10 but top 3! I am the type that doesn’t like to carry a bunch of makeup products with me because I literally have my entire life in my bag and an extra brush could seriously add so much weight. Ladies, you know what I am talking about 🙂 So instead of doing the top 10, I thought to myself, why not top 3? Short, simple and super convenient!

As we all predicted, this fall’s top looks are about the eyebrows, the dark lips and the simple but perfect winged eyeliner. The most important part is that you can easily create any of these looks with these top 3 products. All you need is a great eyebrows pencils, red wine, plums or burgundy lipsticks and a eyeliner that allows you to have great control so you can wear them thick or thin any way you want.

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My favourite Top 3 products are:


This Fall is all about the bold brows make up! The best part is, you don’t need to be Cara Delevingne to rock these bold brows. My favourite brows product for Fall is the Motives for Lala Waterproof Eyebrows Pencil in Dark Brown. What I love the most about this eyebrows pencil is its creamy texture. Unlike other brows pencils where you have to keep reapplying to create a bold dark brows look, this product can give you Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows in just one application. Super easy to control and super easy to shape and better yet, it stays for a more than 12 hours!




It is predictable that the bold dark lips have made its come back this season. My favourite one at this moment is this Motives Matte Lipstick In Kinky. Make sure to wear lip base or primer before applying this so you can get the true burgundy shade of this lipstick. I am a huge fan of matte lipsticks and I often found that they dried out my lips except for this one. The formula is so creamy and moisture that it stays on my lips the whole day without me having to reapply it.



NOW, this is TRULY the eyeliner that I cannot live without all seasons! I know for this particular brand, they are know more for their GEL EYELINER (Awards Winning) but somehow this one works just wonderful on me. No smudging and super long lasting regardless of how long you wear it. The tip is super soft and easy to control so you are able to create different type of winged lines and it is super super forgiven. Easy to remove if you accidentally draw it too thick and easy to build if you want to go from think to thinker lines. Overall, this eyeliner is so far the best of all!

These are my favourite Top 3 Fall Must-Haves! What are yours? I would love to hear from you all makeup lovers <3

From Tracey with Love <3


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