5 Tips On How To Stay Productive as a GIRLBOSS

Hi ladies!

I have been wanting to post something on this for a while and finally found some time to put my thoughts together. I am not too sure how many of you are actually freelancers, self-employed or entrepreneurs but if you are one, you understand the struggle to just stay productive when you don’t have a 9-5 regular job. I could be sitting in front of my laptop for 5 hours and literally got nothing done. Instead, I found myself on Youtube, Netflix and Pinterest or Instagram.

This year of 2016, I told myself that I needed to do better than that. So I did some research on how successful entrepreneurs stay productive and the amount of great tips/tricks I found was just overwhelming. Because of that, I decided to sum up to only 5 tips/tricks that are super easy to do and that I love the most during my research and hopefully, they would be helpful to you too.



I know you are probably thinking “Who carries a planner around these days? Don’t we all use our phones?” Yes it is true! But you know I prefer looking at a daily planner so much more than my phone because of several reasons. First, when I write something down, it becomes a second reminder for me in my head that I need to finish a task or have a meeting to attend. Secondly, there are so much distractions the moment I reach for my phone. You know, all those notifications from Instagram, Facebook and such…

There are a bunch of cute agendas and planners out there that you can purchase and add more creativity to your day. I realized that ever since I got myself into the habit of carrying a planner and write things down, my productivity has increased a lot and I also became less stressed because I don’t have to remember a million things in my head all the time. If you own a business, this tip also works wonderfully when it comes to customer relationship management (CRM). You can manage the follow-up process with your customers much more effectively.

Check out some of the chic planners that Indigo has below if you are thinking of buying one ( click SHOP ALL to earn cash rebates at Indigo, exclusively for my Canadian readers)

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 1.54.14 PM

Tip#2: Learn to be good at prioritizing! START A TO DO LIST!

Have you ever found yourself busy at all time but no results really come out of whatever you are doing? Well, maybe it’s time to learn how to prioritize things in life. Just like how one can’t possibly eat everything that are put out at the buffet, you don’t need to run around trying to get everything done. First, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What are the important tasks that needed to be done asap?
  2. What are the upcoming deadlines/projects?
  3. What are the things that can be assigned or done by someone else? (Yes, it is okay to ask for help! It’s called leveraging)
  4. What are the things that have less priority?

To help make your life easier, I want to share with you a printable sheet from Landee and her awesome blog (http://www.landeeseelandeedo.com/)



Now, this was a serious problem that I had and I eventually learned that this habit created so much stress in my life and slowed me down so much last year.

Steve Jobs said it best. If you found yourself running around all day doing things for someone else or things that don’t matter to you at the end of the day, stop it! Learning to say “NO” to certain things and people will also help you stay focus and clear out unnecessary space in life.

saying No


If you have a goal and plan you want to achieve, don’t feel shy to share it with your support system. Now what do I mean by support system? I am talking about people who care for you, who encourage you to go after your dreams and who can push you to the finish line.



Believe it or not, waking up early really helps you to start the day with great energy and gives you some extra quiet hours of the day to think and plan out your day. I don’t believe in ‘morning person’ type of expression. It is only the matter of habit and getting proper rest and sleep from the night before. Now, to all you girlbosses, I know it is impossible for us to get proper sleep or even time to sleep when we are on our grind but you gotta try to take care of your health as well. There is absolutely no point in working so hard and getting sick at the end of the day. Plus, when you don’t get enough rest, your brain can’t really function properly and thus, you will not be able to be productive the next day.

Check out some tips on how to wake up like Beyonce the next morning from TheEveryGirl‘s blog!

wake up


And this is it! Short and simple tips!

Hope these 5 tips can help you stay productive or improve productivity in the next few weeks 🙂


From Tracey with love <3


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