5 Geek-Chic Glasses Ideas For A Boss Babe

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today on my blog, I want to share with you a 5 glasses ideas for a boss babe. I have a weird obsession with reading glasses since I was little. I used to think wearing glasses will make me look smarter. These days, I still love the idea that wearing glasses can make me look smarter, but I also want my glasses to make me look chic and cool. For those of you who agree, I am sharing this post with you.

One of the glasses stores that I love to visit is GLASSES SHOP.COM, they have a lot of ‘geek chic’ styles of glasses. This pair of glasses I am wearing here is my favorite one from their site.

What I love the most about this website is that their glasses are super affordable and they always update new styles. You will always be up to date with the trends with GLASSES SHOP.COM . (Follow my LINK if you want to also receive 6% CASHBACK on your purchase & also to get the code to get your FIRST PAIR FOR FREE)

The shipping takes a bit longer (around 2-3 weeks for me). If you are not in a rush, this website is perfect because I don’t think you can get the same style of glasses at your local glasses store for less than $50. Yes, you heard it! My pair of glasses here costs me less than $50! I believe that they do offer Express Shipping Option as well if you really want to speed up the process.

For those of you who are looking for a similar style to mine, here are a few options for you:

1. Alice Oval

2. Flynn Round

For those of you who are not too fond of the clear frame styles, I have a few other styles for you:

3. Myers Oval

4. Cedar Aviator

5. Dawn Oval 

Which pair is your favourite? Please comment below!

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Love what you see? Please help me share & spread these beautiful ‘geek-chic’ glasses frames!




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