Did Someone Say Cotton Candy Coffee?

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday!

If you haven’t noticed, I recently added a ‘Lifestyle’ section to this new blog of mine. I share a lot of great pictures of places I often visit on my Instagram. I always have people asking about them so I decided to share about these places finally on my blog.

Yesterday, my girls and I decided to visit this cute cafe in the heart of downtown Toronto called Light Cafe and we have so much to say about it!


This little cute cafe is located at 23 Baldwin Street – Floor Unit, Toronto, ON M5T 1L1. Their hours are 11:30am – 9pm. If you have ever been to Arctic Bitesit’s right next to it.

We loved the modern design of the cafe. The staff was super nice and helpful since it was our first time visiting this place. As you might know, I am always on the hunt for my next #officeoftheday spot and this place was perfect for it. Needless to say, we stayed there for 4 hours and got a lot of work done for LIPSTICKANDMUFFIN MEDIA.


If I am not wrong, this is a brand from Taiwan. They offer a great selection of Taiwanese inspired gourmet food & drinks. I have been seeing a lot of hype around their cotton candy coffee so I decided to try it out.

Thanks to the lovely waitress who advised me not to go with their regular blend because it’s very bitter and strong, I went with a medium blend one but it was still super strong for me. Boy, I couldn’t sleep until 4am last night.

But aside from the strong coffee which you could ask to modify to something else, the concept was just super cute!


How do you drink this cotton candy coffee?

Exactly! I had the same question!

So, according to the staff there, you are supposed to take the cotton candy and put it into the glass cup and pour the coffee all over it. The idea is that the cotton candy will replace your regular sugar. The cotton candy will be melted by the hot coffee and provide the sweetness that you need instead of sugar. It was quite cool.


After this step, you can add the milk in your coffee if you want and enjoy the coffee.

We also heard that their food was really good so we decided to order a bunch of goodies to enjoy as well. If you are interested in checking out their menu, you can CLICK HERE.

I had the Montreal Smoked Beef Croissant. Dana had the Grilled Chicken Teriyaki and Kate had the Grilled Wasabi Chicken Sandwich.


We really enjoyed everything that we ordered! The salad dressing was yummy. We thought to ourselves that if we could make the same salad dressing at home, we wouldn’t mind eating salad everyday…lol


If you ever get a chance to be around this area, we highly recommend you to try out this place. They can get super packed and busy during lunch time so avoid going during noon time. Oh, I forgot to mention that this place is so “Instagram ready” if you know what I mean! We took a bunch of great pictures here for our Instagram and for our social media. The only thing is that they ONLY accept CASH so make sure you get some cash with you before visiting this place.


Overall, we rated this place 5 stars for #officeoftheday and perfect for all you #girlboss!




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