How To Finish Off 2017 Like A Boss

Less than 2 months left until 2017 ends, are you on your way to finish off the goals that you set out? A lot of people have goals and plans but how many can really make it happen?

Although the year has almost come to an end, I still want to show that you can finish off 2017 like a boss. Let me break it down for you!

#1: Better late than never

Didn’t Drake say that in one of his songs? Did you know that most people give up when they are super close to achieving their goals? Yes, I know it’s October already and we have less than 2 months left, but so what? We should still shoot for the moon because if anything, we can still land on the stars.

Did you know that most people give up when they are super close to achieving their goals? Yes, I know it’s October already and we have less than 2 months left, but so what? We should still shoot for the moon. If anything, you can always land on the stars.

It really doesn’t matter if you can make it or not. It’s the process that counts, not the product. Keep on working and keep on grinding! Sometimes the rewards are not at the finish line. They are waiting for you outside of the stadium. You just have to believe that what you sow, you will reap.

Don’t give up now, boss! We can still succeed!

#2: Don’t rest or you will rust!

One biggest lesson I have learned over the years of working on my personal growth is that people tend to rest when they think they are close to the finish line or when they think they have made it. That was the biggest mistake that I have made in my early days of being a business owner.

Successful people don’t rest. They always crave for growth and the new challenge. Even if you have successfully achieved everything that you set out for 2017 by now, don’t stop. You can open a bottle of champaign this weekend and celebrate but when Monday comes, let’s get back to work.

How about starting off with creating a boss plan for 2018? How about starting off with doing the groundwork and preparing yourself for the win in 2018?

Remember what I usually say? There is always higher mountain to climb and a lot more people we can help.

#3: Remind yourself WHY you started

If you are one of those that completely worn out by now and are feeling like you lost the drive and motivation to finish off your goals, I want you to take a minute for yourself and remind yourself the reason why you started at first place. I hope you can remember the excitement and relive the feeling you have when you decided early this year that you are going to change, that you are going to conquer your goals and finish off this year like a boss. Yes, think about it! Think about your loved ones, think about your old self of yesterday, think about the people that have been rooting for you and your success!

Yes, you! I am talking to you! You can’t let us down. We believe in you and we know you have what it takes. Whatever it is that you are going through right now, you gotta push through it. There is no better time than right now for you to step up like the boss that you already know you are!

#4: Learn to say “NO”

Please, please, please! Your time is limited. Stop living someone else’s life!

You have to learn to say “No” to things and people who are no longer adding any value to your life. It’s time to skip the drama and focus on your own path.

While you learn to say “No” to all of that, also learn to say “No” to any excuses that you might have right now. Did you know that “I don’t have time for this and I don’t have time for that” is just an excuse for lazy and unmotivated people? Did you know that time is actually like a hair tie? Yes, you can stretch and bend time and make it flip back and forth.

If you can wake up one hour early every day, you will have 7 extra hours to work on your goals and dreams by the end of the week. Don’t let that “9-5, paying bills” job drain and stop you for going for the life that you always wanted! Don’t let that “significant other” hold you back from your dreams simply because they are not going in the same direction as you! Don’t let the excuses take over your life!

Last time I checked, you can’t deposit excuses to your bank account anyways. So you can stop holding onto them. You are very welcome!

#5: The finale is always the best episode.

People often say “Save the best for last” for a reason. If you have been going through a rough time for the past few months and the rain just doesn’t seem to stop, I guarantee you that this one month and a half will be full of rainbow and sunshine. It’s going to be so amazing and fabulous, but only if you focus and commit today.

I want to see you win and I want to see us win! Let’s focus on the big picture, operate in the best positive energy level, work our ass off and finish 2017 like a boss!

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