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About Me

Nice to meet you!

My name is Tracey.

I am a digital & social media strategist, a #NoBS entrepreneur, a women empowerment activist and a matcha lover.

The biggest blessing in my life is that I get to wake up to help female entrepreneurs like you to DREAM BIG, ACT BOLDLY and BUILD A PROFITABLE BUSINESS. My mission is to help you overcome your mindset limitations and to give yourself the permission to live a BIG life & get paid to do the things that you are truly passionate about.

I am also one of the youngest mentors at the Toronto Business Development Center, which is one of the first and oldest incubator that has helped over 9,000 start-up entrepreneurs to scale and grow their business.

If you are here looking to get inspired by a “quick ride to success” kinda story, you can close this browser now.

My story is nothing of that kind. In fact, I failed miserably during my first 5 years of pursuing entrepreneurship. But, those first 5 years have taught me many valuable life & business lessons that got me here & helped me build a 6 figure social media agency from the ground up in just a little bit over a year.

My story:

“Believe in yourself”, they say.

“Hustle hard”, they say.

“Don’t give up!”, they say.

But what they don’t tell us is that sometimes when certain door doesn’t open, it simply means that it isn’t your door.

I was born and raised in the beautiful sunny country of Vietnam. Growing up in a household full of strong women, I quickly develop a passion for gender equality & women empowerment. My parents grew up during the war so I watched them working hard days and nights with several side hustle to give me and my brother the life of comfort. Even at a young age, I quickly recognize the value of hard work and hustle. At the age of 16, I packed up my clothes & books to move to Toronto, Canada from Vietnam and started a new life on my own. The plan was clear. I would try my best to do well in school, get into a good University, graduate on the honour roll and get a good-paying corporate job and make my parents proud. Well, I did all of that.  But I quickly found myself in a cubicle at my corporate job miserable and trapped.

In 2012, an old friend reached out and introduced me to a network marketing business that promised to give you the time & financial freedom (don’t they all do?) and the young and naive me quickly jumped on board. I was determined to make it big before I hit 25. I busted my butt off, worked hard to build my team and hit all the contests & challenges that they said I should be hitting. I met many incredible people, learned many incredible skills. At 25, I officially quit my 9 to 5 corporate job to become a full-time entrepreneur. A few years into it, I found myself preaching to others about getting off their “9 to 5 hamster wheel”, just to realize that I was doing the exact same thing. I was working hard, hustling every day, chasing the things that don’t align with my truth & my integrity. But I knew I had to succeed. I knew giving up wasn’t an option. So I kept going and I kept pounding on that door of “opportunity”.

2018 I came to a hard stop. It felt almost like I was going fast on the freeway and suddenly I slammed on the break. I was burned out, physically & mentally. I knew I needed to muster the courage to leave that chapter behind to truly find my purpose aligned business. I restarted my life, created a brand new business and began to discover my journey to re-program my mindset, removed my money blocks and reclaimed my self-belief. With the help of a few incredible mentors, I picked up the pieces, took back control of my life and my finance and quickly created a 6 figure revenue business all by myself with just a laptop & an iPhone. Within that same year, I double my business revenue and 7x my income as an Instagram influencer.

The best part was that I did it all without the need to hustle & grind. I did it all without feeling like I had to work hard to earn it. I did it all without doubting and questioning my own worth & value. Today, I help women like you who might be going through the same struggle to find clarity in your life, discover your authentic voice and build a brand and a business that is fulfilling & rewarding, both emotional & financially. Because if you aren’t doing all of the above in your business, you are definitely missing out on the joy of being an entrepreneur.

If you’ve made it this far, I want you to realize that it’s never too late to start over again. I took a long 5 years of a detour to get here and I am not planning to stay here for too long. I want to help more people to realize that you can and will be able to build a successful brand & business that you deserve.

XO Tracey

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