#InspireProfile 1: Meet The Beauty – Ashley Victoria

First of all, I would like to give a big “Thank You” to the beautiful Ashley from Blush & Blankies for being the first person to be featured and interviewed on this awesome project that I am doing.

I am so happy that this project is finally launched. Ever since last year, I have been wanting to create a project that features all the incredible, talented and inspiring individuals that I have met in my life and this year, I finally got the time to put the idea into reality. With this project, I want to introduce to you the faces that have come across my life and have inspired me in any shapes or forms. I want this project to be organic, real and most importantly, relatable. #InspireProfile is based on the idea that you don’t need to be a celebrity to affect someone else’s life, you don’t need to be speaking in front of a lot of people to have an impact on the crowd. #InspireProfile is the story of regular people who are just like you and me and who are brave enough to chase their dreams and who are going through the same daily struggles just like you and me but they never give up.

Welcome to my first #InspireProfile 🙂

Meet the beautiful friend of mine and also a talented Toronto based Make Up Artist – ASHLEY VICTORIA

Instagram @stonefoxbeautyy

Blog: Blushes & Blankies


Ashley and I met each other on Instagram and we instantly fell in love with each other’s energy and mindset and decided to meet up over some great coffee and latte. Ashley impressed me with not only her beautiful face but also her beautiful mind of empowering women and her entrepreneurial spirit.


Ashley is a freelance makeup artist (@stonefoxbeautyy) in Toronto, but truly her love is in the arts. She started a blog called Blush & Blankies in order to have a place to share all the things she love to enjoy and create. She considers herself a creative spirit, so naturally she has her hands in many creative pursuits from painting to music to makeup, to DIY! She’s just always brewing something.
She is also part of a community of female entrepreneurs in the arts called WIPP: Women Inspiring Passion & Purpose. An amazing initiative to create a support network of women in all art fields, from graphic designers to makeup artists to female film directors. It really provides a safe space and inspiring events for women in the city of Toronto to get together and talk uncensored with each other about the realities of being your own business, we all know as females working as freelancers and entrepreneurs how tough it can be in some of these male dominated industries. Not that the men aren’t great at the arts too, this is just a community of support for women to help each other and inspire one another so she is super excited to be a part of it.
Q1: Ashley, when did you start your career with make up and how did you realize it was a tool to empower women around you?
I started my makeup career about 3 years ago and I think when I realized how empowering it was for other women was when I was asked to do a friends wedding makeup. I’m not a trained makeup artist I just always had a eye for makeup and did it well on myself, so when my friend asked me I was a little worried, but after a trial we did for her bridal shower she was just so happy. I could see that she felt like the best version of herself and that confidence, you can’t buy…. Well unless you get a makeup artist! Lol!
Q2: I know you are a #girlboss at heart and always believe in building something for yourself, what made you realize that philosophy?
I think I’ve always been a naturally ambitious person, I’ve just always envisioned a very fabulous life for myself. As you grow up out of standard disney princess brainwashing you start to realize you don’t need a prince, although he’s the icing on the cake, you are more than qualified to give yourself everything you’ve ever wanted. So I am!
Q3: What are your favourite make up brands? What are the new trends this season that you wanna share with us this spring?
My favourite makeup brands?? That’s such a tough one, I guess I would have to say NARS, Urban Decay, and Tom Ford lipsticks – the packaging just gets me lol!
Some of the trends I’m loving this season are pastels, I can never get enough pastels they are just so feminine and pretty for spring and summer. Pastel eyeshadow, nail polish, clothing, hair you name it, it’s all fair game this year. On the opposite side of pastels, another trend I like is the wine coloured lipsticks for spring, with dewey skin this looks so delicious in the spring/summer and I hate having to lock up my dark lipsticks until winter so I’m really happy this is now a thing.
Q4: What is your blog and what is your inspiration for it?
My Blog is called Blush & Blankies, and I guess my inspiration came from a number of things, I wanted to create a job for myself that would allow for flexibility so I can enjoy my family, I also wanted to share my creativity and beauty knowledge. I felt this shift when I became a mom, now my son is two but I’m the same person I was before I had him, I’m still ambitious and still want to create everything I’ve always wanted for myself and I feel that most women our age are the same way. I created my blog to put my voice out there as well to show other women that it’s perfectly fine and important to keep being you after a baby and keep doing the things you enjoy!
To close up the #InspireProfile this month, I asked if Ashley can create some looks with her amazing talent for make up and share with us some of the favourite products that she uses so here they are 🙂
LOOK #1:
 LOOK #2:
Thank you Ashley for an incredible story and all of your makeup tips!
Follow her on Instagram and check out her blog!
Let me know if you would like to see more awesome profiles like this 🙂
Have an great Thursday everyone!

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