How To Edit Your Instagram Pictures Like A Pro

“How do you edit your pictures on Instagram?”

That is literally the question I get every single day. We all know Instagram is all about aesthetic visual photos. It could be quite intimidating to someone who doesn’t know or have any editing skills. Don’t you worry! I got you on this. Today, I am sharing 4 easy steps to edit your Instagram pictures like a PRO. The best part is, you don’t need to know everything a PRO needs to know.

Step 1: Identifying Your Instagram Theme

Okay, let’s start with the first and very important step, which is identifying what theme your Instagram profile would have!

Before you edit anything, you need to decide the feel and the theme of your Instagram feed. Some people have their feed super nice and vividly colorful. Some prefer a minimalist and monochromatic feel. I can’t really tell you which theme looks better. It is really a personal preference.


Having an idea of what colour theme you want your Instagram feed to have is going to help you get a good idea of how to edit your pictures.

Step 2: Skip the Instagram filters and go straight to editing apps

It’s not that I have anything against Instagram filters. I just personally like to edit the pictures manually. That way, I can have control of the light, the exposure and the temperature of the picture.

Some of my favourite apps to edit my pictures are:


I love using this app for general editing. Honestly, this app is the best. You can pretty much do anything with it without even using Photoshop. I use VSCO  to edit pretty much all the pictures you see on this blog because my Macbook Pro broke about 6 months ago and I have no Photoshop to use.


I use Snapseed for a very special reason. Sometimes, there are colours that I would like to neutralize or brighten up without affecting the whole picture. This is when Snapseed comes in handy. There is a tool that is called ‘brush’ and it helps you edit a very specific area or an item in your picture.


Facetune is a great app for photo editing. You can remove imperfections and brighten your smile. I use Facetune for only one purpose. There is a tool in Facetune that whitens out any white background that looks yellowish and helps me keep my feed clean and bright.

Color Story

 Color Story gives you variety of filters that are ready made. If you want to keep your feed uniform and consistent, Color Story is the way to go.


Step 3: Use a scheduling tool or planning tool for your Instagram feed

Whatever purpose you have with being on Instagram, you have to have your content prepared and ready at least a few days before you post. This will give you enough time to plan and make sure that your pictures are arranged aesthetically and consistently with the rest of your posts. My favorite planning tools are UNUM, PLANOLY.

For example, this is how my UNUM’s feed looks like right now. I have posts that are spread out for the future because they don’t necessarily match with my current live feed on Instagram.


Step 4: Have fun!

 As much as Instagram has been frustrating everyone else out, there is still a fun to be creative with your content. There is still value in building and receiving organic engagement. Have fun with your creativity and express yourself with Instagram! At the end of the day, you are you and that is your power.

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  • Great post! This is super helpful. Right now I usually just manually edit photos just with my iphone and sometimes use like 50% intensity of a filter on instagram. I should really start planning posts out like you do! xo J

    • Thank you Jess! Hope this helps to take your Instagram to the next level 🙂 Also, it’s time to break up with Instagram filters ha ha! If you want to take your Instagram to the next level and want to receive more inside tips in your inbox, make sure to sign up for my #LaunchYourWin Instagram movement as well. Would love to see you there with hundreds of other ladies who want to build their online empire! XOXO

  • Where did you learn about all of this? I feel like my feed is so scattered brained and I really don’t know how to start over.

    • Hi Chelsea, it was a lot of trial and errors but it was all worth it. You can always start fresh. Thank you for signing up for the Instagram Movement. Hope to provide you with more insights into the secret sauce of Instagram :).

  • Great post! I was so overwhelmed by the whole Instagram theme concept when I started blogging. Little did I know how easy it can be, but you just have to make sure it represents who you are. I definitely get a sense of your personality via your Instagram 🙂

  • Great post! I’d love it if you looked at my Instagram. @blythers9
    I feel like I din trace a theme but am worried about doing a theme because what if the image is super bright but my theme is more whiteoutish?

    • Hello love 🙂 I just looked at your Insta. Your content looks great. Maybe you don’t necessarily need a theme but you can plan it in a way that your posts are more uniform…Thats just my suggestion as of right now. Other than that, everything looks great 🙂 Keep on producing amazing content!

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