Live And Breath Beauty L.A.B 2 Pro Brush Kit Review


Hi everyone!

I want to share with you ladies about the brush set that I recently started using and I absolutely love it. It’s from a new brand called L.A.B 2. You can follow them on Instagram @lab2beauty to check out their giveaways and updates on new exciting products.

So the kit that I got from L.A.B2 is called I’m turning Pro Brush Kit. I believe they are also available very soon at Walmart at a very affordable price. You can check out the kit HERE.

So I received this package in the mail about 2 months ago but I kept pushing back my review on it for some reasons and I finally got to try the brushes recently and I have to say I was impressed with the quality of the brushes. They look pretty, simple and chic. It would have been a plus if they comes with a case as well.


The Pro Kit comes with 4 different kind of brushes as you can see. It comes with one Buffing Brush, one Foundation Brush, one Contouring Brush and one Eyeshadow Brush. To be honest, when I first saw the kit, I was a bit hesitant to try them out because I am extremely picky when it comes to brushes but after I tried them out, I was impressed. The 4 brushes make up a great brush kit for anyone who needs only a few essential brushes for your face.


My favourite one so far is the Contouring Brush. L.A.B 2 Contouring Brush comes in a little smaller size than the regular contouring brush that you see from other brands and not as soft as other brands but I actually like that because it gives you better control when contouring. Especially when you are not a professional make up artist like me and just are new when it comes to contouring or brush techniques.


I checked out their website and I don’t think they have the Contouring Brush sold separately so you would have to purchase the kit if you want the Contouring Brush. I would totally recommending it because the kit is very affordable and you will also find that the rest of the brushes do their job pretty well.

On the scale from 0 to 5, I give this Pro Kit a 4.

For as far as I know, L.A.B 2 is working to get their products shipped internationally very soon. Unfortunately, international shipping is not available yet but make sure you follow them on Social Media and their website to stay tuned of the up coming updates and you and your friend will also get to win some great freebies 🙂



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