Maximize Your Time To Succeed In Life

Have you ever had a feeling that you were always exhausted, always running out of time? Have you ever felt like your life was a mess and no matter how hard you tried, you were still so far from the life goals that you were trying to achieve? I know how you feel. I was in your shoes before.

A year ago, I found out that my lack of time management and self-awareness were the reason why my life was always in chaos. Once I knew what I needed to work on, I saw a significant change in my productivity and results. So what happened? Let me tell you what happened to me!

1. I decided that I couldn’t live my life always one step behind.

          I realized that I was tired of always being late to my meetings, always feel procrastinated. I just couldn’t do it anymore. It started as a personal thing and then, quickly became a business loss. I noticed my business also slowed down because of my bad time management. I told myself that that was it! I needed to change as soon as possible!

      2. I decided to prioritize my life!

         The first thing I did was to sit down and ask myself “What are my goals and dreams?”. I believe that it is very important for us to start with knowing what we want. Life sometimes can push us in many different directions and if we don’t stop for a minute and remind ourselves of our ‘WHY’, we will be lost.

     3. I decided to be brutal with my time.

        Once I got the chance to remind myself of my goals and dreams, I decided that my goals and dreams were way bigger than my excuses. A lot of us still treat time like something we can afford to waste, but I started to treat my time like gold.

       If I am not doing something business related, I pick up a book or listen to a podcast. If I am not meeting my team and building valuable and meaningful relationships with people around me, I like to sit down and reflect on my days, weeks and what I can do better as a person. Being brutal with your time means you don’t spend it on people or things that aren’t growing you and aren’t taking you to the next level. It doesn’t mean you are being selfish. It means you value yourself and your goals so much you don’t have time for bs things and bs people in your life.

    4. I decided to cut out negative people!

      If you want to fly, you have to give up the shit that weighs you down. Chances are, the shit that is weighing you down right now, are the negative friends, family members or business partners in your life. GET THEM OUT OF YOUR LIFE!

      I know that sometimes, it could be very hard to slide away from a long time friendship or a relationship that you have had for years. However, if they are causing you stress, unnecessary drama and are not supporting your goals and your dreams, you need to let them go.

     5. I decided to stop waiting for a miracle or for other people to save me.

       I was one of those people that would go from people to people to ask them about their tips and tricks, their secrets to succeeding in life. Until I realized that while I was spending too much time looking and searching for the ‘secret’, the ‘secret’ is really just to put in the ‘work’. A lot of us are quickly attracted to the results but we forget about the process. Success is not an overnight process. It takes years of hard work, of rejections, of sweat and tears. The good news is, our success lays entirely on our willingness to work and push through the hardest obstacles in life.

    6. I reminded myself that the big picture is more worthy than the short term gain.

        We live in a society where things either gotta happen fast or we will quit. We become suckers for the ’30 days diet’, ‘hitting 6 figures in 2 months’ kind of advertisements. A lot of us quit on a lot of things simply because we are not used to being pushed out of our comfort zone. We quit on a business after 3 months because we don’t see any ROI. We quit on a relationship after 3 months because we realized the other person is not the perfect & ideal partner we have in mind. We go on a diet just so we can binge eat afterward. We are all drawn to the short term gains instead of the macro size of life.

        If we can just take a step back, look at the big pictures again and visualize our life in the next 5-10 years, I bet we wouldn’t sit and dwell on a small loss in our business or a small failure in life. Learning to focus on the bigger picture has helped me to allocate my time and my energy accordingly. If I want to create the 6 figures income in the next 5 years, I know that I better started to work on myself NOW, not tomorrow, not next week. I need to start NOW. If I want to become fit and healthy in the next 5 years, I know that I need to start making better lifestyle choices. I know that I need to maximize my time to the fullest.

       Once you realize the impact of all your small decision and a minute you waste focusing on things that will not take you to where you want to go in the future, the definition of time has a different meaning to you.

      I hope these 6 points help you the way they helped me. What is your favorite time management tip?

Please share by commenting below. Let’s help one another grow better and become a better version of ourselves!


 Photos by @marco_l

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