Montreal Hotel For Creative Entrepreneurs: Boxotel

Last Christmas, I decided to change the scenery and enjoying it in Montreal instead of Toronto. While searching for nice and affordable hotels with good vibes on, I came across Boxotel.

Boxtel caught my attention right away because of its aesthetic and minimal design but still offers luxury and comfort.

Located just 500 meters from the Place-des-Arts, walking distance to Starbucks, Banh mi Vua and many other food places, Boxotel is a perfect place for young and creative individuals to enjoy their stay over the holidays or the long weekend in Montreal.


Each room is equipped with compact and functional kitchen and brand new appliances and tableware. It feels like you are staying at a very modern, minimal and fashionable condo instead of a hotel.

Boxotel gives you a whole new experience that we never received in a traditional hotel room. I never stayed at any hotels where each room had its own washer-dryer. It is super convenient for people who love to travel light like us and cost saving for those who want to spend more time visiting Montreal.

Another interesting thing you can find when arriving at Boxotel is their multifunctional furniture. Each furniture piece at Boxotel does more than just its regular use. During the day, you can fold the bed up and turn your room into a living room, or open up a pull out bed and turn it into another queen size bed at night.

Did I also mention that the bedding and bathrobes are design by Geneviève Lorange of Literie Bigarade, the Montreal designer went globe-trotting and later on, turned into an entrepreneur with her high quality and hand made bed linens?

I hope you will get as excited as I did when you find out that window shades and curtain can be controlled by one push-button as well as remote controlled lighting.


I was also very happy and pleased to know that all the body care products provided by Boxotel are made by CocooningLove, an all natural and Montreal based beauty company that I had a chance to collaborate with in the past.

The best part of our room is the bathtub that located unconventionally outside of our bathroom and next to the big window. You can totally take a hot bath and a glass of wine while enjoying the beautiful snow fall through the window in winter.

Other services:

Boxotel has a cafe on their main floor called Café Nomade. It is small but cute and convenient. With each booking, you also get a complimentary breakfast at  Café Nomade. You can also grab a late night drink with your friends at the cafe’s bar at night.


I love love Boxotel’s staff. They give us such a warm welcome as soon as we arrive. I love that they include a personal note for us and are not hesitate to accommodate my request to have our breakfast delivered to our room (you know I like to be a little extra anywhere I go haha). They always check up on us to make sure we have the best experience staying at Boxotel.

Boxotel, thank you so much for everything and I will definitely be back to use the pool and hot tub that we did not get the chance to check out! 🙂



175 Ontario St. E.

On-site outdoor parking: $25/ a day


Ranging from $130 – $170/ night for studio units depending on the low/high seasons



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  • Wow! That looked amazing. I have always wanted to visit Canada. This would be perfect. I am glad you had an amazing time. The pictures you took are wonderful!!

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