Positive Thursday: 20 Traits Happy People Have In Common




1. Secure With Who They Are: People who know exactly who they are and what they want in their life are often more happy than the rest. They know their position and focus on their life instead of comparing themselves to others.

2. They Don’t Procrastinate Or Wait For The Right Time: Happy people are those who live with a “Just Do It” Spirit. They enjoy life to the fullest and they want to try new things and take on new challenges.

3. They Are Both Generous And Kind: These people know and understand that everyone they meet everyday is fighting a battle. They are generous and kind to everyone they meet because they believe their positive energy can help light up someone else’ day.

4. Work Through Tough Problems: Happy people “eat problems for breakfast”. In other words, no problem is a tough problem to them but more of a challenge.

5. Good Heart: People who live their lives focusing on giving than taking. They believe that ‘takers’ can have some certain advantages in life for a short period of time but ‘givers’ will win in the long term. And plus, happy people believe in karma. They understand that by helping and giving and sharing with others, they can generate more love, friends and happy relationship in their life.

6. Handle On Their Emotions: Happy people are usually those who can handle their emotions very well. They are mostly calm and collective when facing adversities. They don’t let emotional factors to impact the way they work. They don’t get frustrated and angry easily because they know that will not contribute to the solutions.

7. Face Problems Quickly And Effectively: Happy people are more likely to speak about problems openly. They don’t like holding grudges. If there is a problem, they want to put it on the table and get it solved immediately and move on. You most likely will not hear them talk about it again after the problem get solved.

8. They Have Ambition: People who are more ambitious than others are usually those who knows exactly what they want in their life. They dream big and have the courage to work toward their dreams and thus, have more purposes in life to be productive and happy.

9. Certainty About Their Future: To these people, the glass is always half full. They understand that there is no 100% of anything and understand that life is what you make. They believe in their ability and their vision of the future is clear and certain.

10. They Take Risks That Are Calculated: Just like no 9., happy people are not those who are quickly to jump in a conclusion, they are positive but not overly positive. They don’t just simply YOLO and take risks, they take calculated risks.

11. They Practise What They Preach: Happy people are those who walk the talk. They understand that action speaks louder than words and they prove their success and ability through actions. They are confident and secure about themselves so they don’t feel the need to talk about themselves too much.

12. They Are Multi Faceted: NOT FACES !!! Multi Faceted means someone who is having many different aspects of life and want to do a lot of different things to challenge themselves. They have great knowledge in many fields and very open minded. I have a friend who is a perfect example for this. This girl is working full time, modelling part time and also does fund raising and cooking. She also writes articles for newspaper and an entrepreneur. She is very inspiring and possibly the most down to earth and positive person I have ever met in my life.

13. Own Their Actions: Happy people don’t blame on others or the situations. They take full responsibility on themselves, take a mistake as a learning experience and move on. They are not afraid to make mistakes because they know that is how they learn and grow.

14. Half Full Optimistic: Like I mentioned, happy people choose to be happy. They understand happiness is a choice and is dependent on our perspectives.

15. Not Limited By Fear: Again, happy people loves challenges and risk, they are not afraid to fall and stand back up. Most of the time, happy people are those who have been through so much in life. You just never hear them complain 🙂

16. They Sacrifice Short Term Pleasure For Long Term Happiness: Happy people know and have a clear vision of their life in 5-10 years ahead and they are determined to sleep less, work more and sacrifice for the life that they have always wanted. For them, time is gold and they rather have it HARD in short term and EASY in the long term than having it Easy in short term and HARD in the long term.

17. They Spend Quality Time With Positive People: These people know so well the fact that you are who you are hanging out with. Life is too short for them to hang out and spend time with people who will bring their energy down.

18. They Maximize Their Potential: Living in this society where we are always told what to do and what not to do, most of us, start to sell ourselves short. Happy people, on the other hand, are those who sell themselves high. When someone sees something as a difficulties, they see that as an opportunities.

19. They Know How To Relax and Live The Presence: Well, I barely doubt that happy people are ever stressed out at all since they are always happy ha ha. Happy people don’t need a vacation to relax, they learn to enjoy the presence, they appreciate little things in life and they value every single moment of life.

20. Life-Long Learners: Have you ever noticed most of the happy people in your circle of friends are also usually those who are very humble, always want to learn new things, always look for new books to read and audios are pretty much their daily ritual ? People who always know that they have more to learn and improve are more often the happy ones and also the ones who are most respected. New knowledge, new information always excite them. They understand the more they learn, the more potentials they will acquire and the more opportunities they can created.


Picture by AmericanExpress.Tumblr.Com

Content by Tracey Nguyen 

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