How To Choose Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses for that not only fits your face but also compliments your style. I have had several pairs of glasses that I bought online that ended up looking hideous on me. Today, I want to share with you a quick guideline on how to choose sunglasses that will work for your face shape and my favorite place to buy sunglasses online.

 What to look out for when purchasing your sunglasses online? 

  1. Make sure you know your face shape:

My favorite site to go and check out designer brands at a great price is Smart Buy Glasses. This site has a lot of trendy designer glasses for all different face shapes.

This little guide can help you find the most flattering sunglasses for your face shape.

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As for myself, I love to go for cat eye frames as I found that they are the most flattering for my face.

Here is some suggestion for the ladies who have a similar face shape as mine.

My favorite one is the Rayban Round Fleck 1157

2.  Look for “Virtual Shop” feature if you don’t know your face shape

Smart Buy Glasses has a really cool feature to let you try these glasses on virtually. Is it 100% accurate? Not really! However, this feature will help you make the right decision better.

CLICK HERE to try sunglasses on virtually!


3. Check out their flash sale first!

Just like clothing, sunglasses are a part of fashion and sunglasses styles change pretty fast. If you are not into chasing trends, always check their flash sale section out.

4. Figure out if it is possible to have your prescription without changing the style that you want

Most people aren’t used to shop for their sunglasses online, especially those with prescription. My husband ordered a pair of prescripted sunglasses from a store and the lens actually stick out a lot. The pair did not turn out as nice as he thought it would look with the prescripted lens so you have to keep this in mind.

Hope these tips can help you find a perfect pair of sunglasses online!


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