VoBathCo Rose Body Oil


Happy Saturday everyone!

Today, I have an amazing product I want to share with you. I have been obsessed with this product every since I received it in the mail from VoBathCo. It’s their new Rose Body Oil!!!



I still can’t get over how cute the packaging is. The rose oil comes in a 1oz clear bottle that looks super lovely and classic.



This little tiny bottle is packed with all of the best ingredients to give your skin an instant lift of moisture such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and grapeseed oil.



This rose body oil is a combination of vanilla, rose geranium, lavender, coconut and cinnamon essential oil and IT SMELLS AMAZING!

How do I use it:

The instruction says that you can either spray it on your hand and massage all over your body or put a few drop of the oil in your bathtub. Personally, I love to carry the bottle with me everywhere I go these days and just spray it as often as I want to because it smells amazing and also very relaxing. I also love the fact that it’s not greasy and dries very quickly so it actually feels very light weight on your skin.

And you know what’s the best part? It is ALL NATURAL!


If you support all natural and organic products like me, check out VoBathCo’s website for more great handmade products! What I also love about VoBathCo‘s products is the fact that they put a lot of attention to details in the products. You can almost feel the dedication and their passion for what they do in their packaging and in the quality of their products.


What are your favourite handmade and all natural beauty brands? I want to hear from you!


From Tracey with love <3






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