Why Do You Need A Dream Board And How To Make One

Hello everyone and happy new year! It’s the 12th day of 2017 and I hope that you have your goals and dreams ready to conquer for this year. Today, I want to talk about the importance of having a dream board and how to make one!


I was always told that I needed a dream board so last year, I took a few pictures from Pinterest and create a dream board for my 2016. I had a lot of things on there and two of them were the pictures I found online that looked like what I want in my future home. Fast forward a couple months later, I was actually house hunting and if you live in Toronto, you know how expensive housing market could get here. I kept losing every single bidding war that I was in. It got to the point where I actually thought to myself that I would never be able to afford a house here. Until one day, I saw a listing online which just got posted of a beautiful three bedrooms townhouse. I immediately called my agent and we went to see the house and put in an offer on the day of. Although the seller was greedy and wanted to wait for a bidding war, things worked in our favor that same day. The negotiation went back and forth until 2 AM the next day and we finally got the deal. I went back to my condo after signing all the final documents at my real estate agent’s office and suddenly, something hit me. The living room of the house that we got looked almost identical to the pictures that I put on my dream board a year ago.

Having said that, I have heard several stories from many successful individuals that I know achieving the exact same goals and things that they have put on their dream board…but until it happened to me, I didn’t know how true it was when they said that you needed to visualize your goals and your dreams in order for you to achieve them.

For that reason, I want to share with you all today why I think we all need a dream board to help us achieve more dreams and goals in life.


  • A dream will always be a dream until you have the courage to put it on your to-do list, aka your dream board.
  • A dream board with deadlines will help you stay on track and make sure that you are accountable for your own goals.
  • A dream board is a reminder of the reasons why you started and it keeps you going whenever you feel like giving up.
  • Having a dream board will help you stay focus and get your mind to be creative and finding ways to achieve the things that you set out to achieve.
  • Visualizing your dream and constantly looking at it have proved to be the key to success for a lot of successful people out there.
  • A dream board is more than just a dream board. It is an affirmation to yourself that you can dream and can achieve anything that you want in life.


  • I highly recommend that you find a quiet place to sit down and really think deeply about the things that you truly want in life. Once you decide what you want, the rest is easy.
  • Next, go online or find magazines that have pictures of the things that you want to achieve (I personally love Pinterest)
  • Cut them and stick them on a big board (colors of your choice)
  • You need to make sure to include things that really matter to you (not everyone’s dream board needs to have a fancy car). Your dream and someone else’s dream are different. Don’t put things on your dream board just because you see others have it on theirs.
  • Be super specific about the things that you want! If you want to travel, make sure you put down the location, the exact city and find out how much it would cost you. That way, you know how hard you have to work to make it happen.
  • Include motivational messages, family pictures, things that are tangible and things that make you emotional when you think about them! These are the things that will truly keep you going.
  • Put a DEADLINE on each thing! A dream will always be a dream without a deadline so make sure you put the date that you want to achieve all of these wonderful things on your board as well. That way, you know how much time you have left and how much work you need to put in in order to accomplish these goals.
  • Decorate the board, go all out, have fun with creativity and imagination! Make your dream board so fun that you want to wake up to it every day!

Good luck everyone and let’s crush some goals this 2017! Are you ready?

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