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15 Time Management Tips To Help You Achieve Your Goals & Dreams In 2017

I can’t believe that December is here already. Can you believe it? We all have less than a month left to finish what we have set out to complete. Has 2016 been a good year to you? Were you able to achieve the goals & dreams that you have set out in January? Personally, I love this time of the year. Besides the fact that it’s the holiday and shopping season, December is the month when I like to have some time to reflect and re-evaluate on my growth and my progress, mistakes and lessons.

In the past, I often found myself disappointed that I didn’t get to accomplish many things that I set out to do. I always found myself getting drowned in things that kept me busy but weren’t productive. I was always late to my business meetings. Things usually got pushed back and the worst case was that I was always stressed and emotionally drained.

Things started to change in the beginning of  2015, when I realized that I needed to make a change within myself. I came to the conclusion that I was the one who put myself in disappointments and emotional distress and I had total control in changing the situation around. I also realized that improvement started with small habits, being repeated everyday.

So if you are reading this and can relate to the old me, here are some tips that will help you getting more things done in the new year of 2017:


Okay! Before we get into more details, I want to clarify something. I am not a tidy person at all! But what I am trying to force myself to do is to stay as organized and as tidy as much as possible. I notice that when my space is tidy and clean, I tend to become more focus and less stressed out. “I am not a tidy type” is not really a good excuse! I am not either but I force myself to get into the good habits and keep my life simple and less cluttered.


If there is one thing that you can do right away, it is to create a To-Do list for yourself. Trust me when I say that your results or progress in life are heavily depending on this list. The most important thing about having a To-Do list is that they will save you a tons of stress and hassle. I like to cary my agenda with me and write down everything that I need to do, including small tasks such as washing the dishes or going to the bank. Write everything DOWN and cross them out by the end of the day! You will feel super productive and will have better understanding of how your schedule looks like the day after or the week after.


Before going to bed everyday, I like to look at my To-Do list to see what I have and have not done. If the unchecked item is an important one, I will not go to bed until I get it done. If it is something that is not a priority for me, I put that on my agenda for the day after.That way, you will have a good deep sleep without having disturbing thoughts or stress about what you have to do the day after.


Don’t be that person who is always running around, acting busy but has absolutely nothing going on with their life or their business. The best thing you can do for yourself is getting your priorities straightened out. I like to carry a few different colours of highlighters with me so I can highlight and emphasize the most important items on my To-Do list and make sure that I get it done.


Instagram and Facebook used to be the first 2 things I checked after waking up, until I realize how distracted they are. I try to stay away from social media and Youtube until I clear my e-mails and check up on my business reports. I also switched my phone on silent almost 24/7 because it’s less distracting and I have totally control of when I want to be distracted. Some day I can look at my phone and see 80 something messages on my phone and a bunch of missed calls. But remember, your mental health is more important than anything. You can always reply these messages and return those missed calls.


I don’t like to waste time on anything and I don’t like to waste anyone’s time. If a meeting is canceled, I try to squeeze in another meeting, go to the gym, get some small tasks done or meeting up with my team if possible. When you realize how valuable time is, you would not want to waste a second not doing anything productive.


Trust me, “I’ll do it tomorrow!” is the enemy of success. Some people say time is money but I think time is a lot more valuable than money. If you lose your money, you can still find a way to make it back but once your time is gone, it’s gone! Sometimes, it is extremely hard for me to get myself up and finish the last few items on my To-Do list but I often push myself to.


People say you are who you attract. I find that when I surround myself with positive energy and positive people, I always feel more motivated to get things done. In return, when I have to deal with negative people or friends, I feel so drained and exhausted. Remember, energy is very important! If you want to be successful, you need to hang out with people who are already successful.


Your laptop gets overheated sometimes and so can you! Make sure to give yourself enough time to relax and recharged because if you are tired and not healthy, you can’t get much work done either. I always recommend finding a space where you are the most relax and comfortable and disconnect yourself from the Internet and the technologies for a little bit. For some people, it can be taking a hot bath, reading a book they love or enjoying a cup of hot tea. For me, it’s taking a visit to IKEA and just leave my phone at home. I do this once in a while to make sure I don’t over stress and keep myself recharged.


You are probably thinking, what does training a strong mind have to do with time management? Well, it has everything to do with time management. Have you ever wondered why people who have great time management skills are also very discipline and emotional strong? It is because these little habits that you train yourself to develop will give you the discipline needed to grow and to succeed.


If you are feeling overwhelmed and often stressed out, maybe delegation is the area you need to improve on. Asking for help or collaborate with other people is NOT a sign of weakness, it shows that you are confident and strong enough to trust that working with other people will help you achieve your goals faster and grow better.


I used to be super proud of myself for being able to multitask, just to find out that I could start a lot of projects but never got to finish any of them. Focus on one thing and one thing only!


I know I have said this before but if you try to please everybody, you will be the most unhappy one. Don’t be that person! Learning to say “No” to things that are not important to you will get you into the habit of prioritizing and knowing what to put first.


I realized that over the years, my time management skills got better because I always try to learn and improve on it. You can get a book on time management, spend some time on Pinterest if you have to. There are a lot of great articles and resources that can help you grow and improve your time management.


At the end of the day, time management is not a skill that you can learn overnight. It is a series of small and good habits being developed over time and there is nobody out there who can help you but yourself.

Hope this tips will help you turn a new leaf in 2017 and get you on your way to achieve your goals and dreams!

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