How I 10X My Income In Less Than 6 Months

If you told me 6 months ago that I could 10X  my income in the next few months, grow several businesses, buy myself a flight ticket to Asia, launch an app for female entrepreneurs and wake up every day with nothing else but a grateful heart, I would not believe you.

But, it happened. 6 months ago, I went through a dramatic transformation in terms of mindset and my business strategy and increase my income 10X. So, what did I do and how did I do it and how can you do the same in 2019?


A lot of freelancers, entrepreneurs struggle to make money from their business not because they lack skills or potentials. They just don’t know their worth. I was one of them.

For years, I struggle to profit from several businesses that I worked on because I was selling myself short. I was offering products and services to people who I had to convince and prove myself to. Then one day, when I was looking for a “pick-me-up” video on youtube, I found Dan Lok’s video on “4 Different Types Of Clients” and my world turned upside down. I suddenly realized why I struggled.

I struggled because I was working with the wrong type of people; partners & clients.

I was working with people who didn’t value my worth and respect me for who I am. Obviously, they are NOT the ones to blame. If I didn’t know my worth, how could they?

So what did I do?

I started to stay away from “cheap” & “difficult” clients. I started to focus on improving my quality of service and work on me.

I started to read positive affirmations out loud every day that I am a great businesswoman and I attract ONLY people and clients who value me and appreciate my worth…I found myself saying “NO” to clients who I have to prove my worth to or didn’t bring in good energy to my business. At one point, I was saying more “NOs” than “YESes”. I started to question myself if I was doing the right thing.

Soon enough, the right clients started to come in and when they finally come, it was in abundance. I am talking about the most incredible and inspiring people I have the privilege to work with. Their stories and their struggles fueled me to be better and to deliver a better job. They never bargain and they barely complain.


Believe it or not, even though I had left my corporate job in 2015 to become a full-time entrepreneur, I didn’t know that my money mindset was all messed up. I had no idea what I had so many money blocks that were stopping me from creating and growing a business and a life that I truly deserve.

Money Block #1: You have to struggle to earn an income

This is so far the most messed up money block I had. The idea that it needs to hurt in order for you to build a business is completely BS.

Do you need to work hard for what you want in life? Absolutely yes!

Is running a business easy? Absolutely not!

Growing a business, a person or even your teeth involves some growing pain. However, it should NOT come in a form of bad debt (I need to talk about the good debt and bad debt topic another day).  If you don’t have fun, don’t enjoy working hard and don’t have the self-discipline and self-motivation to wake up everyday building your business, it’s time to re-evaluate the business and see if it is something you want to cut loss or continue to invest in.

Money Block #2: I am not good with numbers

As far as I know, you don’t need to be good with numbers to grow a profitable business. You need to know HOW TO READ AND MANAGE NUMBERS.

I still have to use my calculator to do the simple math of 20+70 and I am not trying to hide it.

But if you ask me how much I’ve made and spent yesterday or how much my bank account balance or credit card balance is, I will be able to tell you everything at 99% accuracy rate.

Money Block #3: My clients can’t afford me

As mentioned above, this one had me trapped for a really long time. And just as magical as the law of attraction, the more I thought that my clients couldn’t afford me, the more I attracted the clients who really COULDN’T AFFORD ME. So if you have this thought on your mind, you need to hit the DELETE button right now.

Money Block #4: I can never make more than the most successful person in my circle.

For the first six years pursuing this entrepreneurship journey, I had no idea this money block was stopping me from unlocking and maximizing my potentials. The idea of chasing the 6 figures income was stopping me and keeping me down from going for 7,8,9,10 figures income and many more beautiful things in this world that I still need to experience.

You are wonderful, beautiful and capable of achieving anything that you set your mind into. Don’t let anyone put a limit on your potential and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Now, I hope you can remove all of those money blocks and replace it with some Cardi B 🙂


Keeping track of your finance on the daily basis is super important if you want to grow and sustain your income. You need to know your business inside out. A lot of entrepreneurs, celebrities make a lot of money but still end up broke at the end of the day because they don’t manage their own finance. They don’t know how much money coming in and how much is going out.


Saying that I am going to make $70,000 on my first year in business sounds amazing but also sounds a little bit far out. Most people will set new year resolutions and yearly income goal just to find themselves nowhere near their goals in the 4th quarter.

When I launched my third business last year, I was barely making $700 a month from it. Within 6 months, I was able to grow it into an income of $7,000/month.

I break down my yearly income goals into monthly and weekly goals and then break it down to how many clients, brand deals, affiliates, and paid partnerships I need to get to grow it weekly. Every week, I would sit down with myself to review and adjust. It is important to know that we shouldn’t adjust the goal but rather, adjust our approaches towards that goal.


I know I said it before but I will say it again. Your intuition has a type of intelligence that your mind doesn’t have.

Have faith in your journey and trust your intuition. It never fails you. It doesn’t matter what I say to you, what your friends are telling you or what your mentor, coach or advisor are suggesting to you. If your gut feeling is telling you otherwise, listen to it.

Intuition sometimes can be mistaken with the little voice in your head that is always telling you things to keep you safe and limit you from getting out of your comfort zone. Personally, meditation and having a quiet morning routine has helped me a lot in finding my intuition.

Whenever I face hardship or a tough situation, I go and meditate. It’s not always easy to meditate when you have to face tough decisions and to not think about what ifs, coulda, shoulda. However, I can guarantee you that once the little annoying voice in your head is quiet, your intuition will come in and give you the answer to any problem you might face.

Last but not least, I want to you for reading my blog post.  know I haven’t been the most consistent with all that is going on with my life and my business ventures. I will try my best to provide more value and insights and let’s all grow together!



  • Girl you got this!! You are truly amazing and inspiring. Thank you thank you for sharing your invaluable knowledge.

  • Thank you, Tracey! This was so incredibly helpful! The section where you talked about setting weekly financial goals and having positive affirmations everyday really helped. Can you do a blog post about how to write a proper goal statement that you can say to yourself everyday? Or is that part of your daily affirmations? I’ve always struggled with writing a proper one – would love your thoughts on it!

  • I feel like I’m drowning when it comes to my business! My most recent clients all selected a <$20 budget on my questionnaire.

    One of these clients even told me that their website looked like a knockoff version of mine and that they weren't sure whether or not they even wanted to blog because they were busy and no longer felt inspired, and that they were truly sorry. I replied that it was all fine and hid under the covers for weeks after that. I don't know how to attract higher-paying clients!

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