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Carnival Vista Cruise: 6 Days and 3 Beautiful Destinations

Earlier this year, I decided to book our second cruise to get away from the freezing winter of Toronto. This time, we decided to book a 6 days cruise trip on one of Carnival Cruise’s newest ships called Carnival Vista. This ship took us to 3 beautiful destinations: Cozumel (Mexico), Cayman Islands and Ocho Rios (Jamaica). Here is what I have to share about this amazing cruise!

Every year around February, we travel to Miami for a very important business conference. Thus, it makes sense for us to hop on a cruise as well and extend our stay and enjoy the warmer weather. We also use the cruise as an excuse to hide away from the freezing cold and snowy weather in Toronto around this time.

This is our first time on the Carnival Vista so we didn’t really know what to expect. The last Carnival Splendor didn’t impress us much. However, I have to say that we really enjoy this cruise. The rooms were much nicer and so were the rest of the facilities.

Swimsuit by laVieenRose

Cozumel, Mexico:

Our first stop on this cruise was Cozumel, Mexico. Because we woke up so late, we totally missed the excursions to the famous ruins. We decided to just walk around the cities, do some shopping and just enjoyed the sunny weather. We got to try out some authentic Mexican food as well.

Apparently, you can also get all the luxurious handbags and other interesting items from this stall (LOL)

Cayman Islands:

This had to be my favorite stop of all. The ship docked a bit later on the second day so we made it just in time to go watch some stingrays and snorkeling. The water was so clear and beautiful. We rented a smaller boat to take us out in the middle of the ocean where the water was shallow enough for you to stand in. I didn’t bring any waterproof accessories to put my camera and phone in so I couldn’t capture a lot of awesome moments here. I was actually glad that I was able to really be in the moment and enjoyed the day here.

Swimsuit by laVieenRose

Ocho Rios, Jamaica:

Our last destination was Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We decided to take the bus to the local beach. Since we in Jamaica, we insisted on trying different types of jerk chicken. I couldn’t stop telling everyone the joke about how the lady who braided my hair made sure that I couldn’t get too many braids because I bargained for it. Next time we come back here, we are going to make sure to try our other types of food as well.

Swimsuit & Cover-up by laVieenRose

Love what you see here? Check out our Youtube Vlog on this Carnival Vista Cruise!




  1. Glenny says

    Ah! I love all your photos, giving me the travel bug itch! I’m going to Vancouver and Cali soon but with all this WINTER we are having in canada…. I need to fly off to somewhere tropical LOL. I subbed to your YT! I think I need to get back on YT again

  2. Erin says

    What a fun trip – now I’m craving another vacation ASAP!

    Also, I’m obsessed with your sunglasses – where are they from? So cute!

    xo Erin

  3. Karen says

    Looks like so much fun! I want to try cruises, it’s definitely something I have been scared of but I think it’s time to face my fear lol.

  4. Wanderlust Hearts says

    I haven’t traveled with Carnival in a really long time. I totally agree with you that the rooms and common areas on the Vista look much nicer. P.S. I love your white bathing suit! It’s adorable.

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