February’s Beauty Haul


Hi everyone, February is almost done and as usual, I would like to share with you all the beauty products that I have collected over this month.

First thing first, I would like to show off my new obsession: Motives My Party Weapon Palette. I actually purchased this back in December (you know, the month of all the parties) but I totally forgot about it. YES! I HAVE A LOT OF MAKEUPS if you are wondering. That probably explains why the package doesn’t look as brand new but I think it still looks presentable, right?


I love the fact that the palette’s shell is super light weight. You can take it anywhere you go and especially when you re heading to a party. It comes with 6 different super pigmented colours and a little mirror on top.


This is how colour #1,2,3 look like on my skin.


Colour #4,5,6


The colours are actually very pretty but I don’t think you can tell here so maybe I’ll do some looks with this palette and post it up some times soon.

Now, the next items that I absolutely love are my Motives Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Day Dream and Maybelline New York Colour Show in Blue Bombshell. I am not too sure which one I love more because they each can be pulled off on different occasions. In this post, I am wearing the Maybelline New York Colour Show in Blue Bombshell. I am not a big fan of blue but I have to say  that I have fallen in love with these two. What do you think? Which colour do you prefer?


Next, I have John Frieda Volume Spray. I have to say that I love love love this product because if you know me, you’ll know that I spend countless hours everyday trying to add volume to my hair as I have really fine and flat hair. I tried a lot of things but I think so far, this bottle has been doing the magic. I spray it on my hair before blow dry it and have noticed instant add to my hair’s volume. The good thing is, your hair will also smell good for the rest of the day.


Next, I have Fixx Instant Line Vanish. Not that I have a lot of wrinkles to worry about but I have some fine lines around my eyes, some puffiness and tiny bit of lines on my forehead that I want to get rid of and this has been helping me out. The result has been instant but hasn’t been permanent so I guess I should wait for a bit longer to really tell you how I love/hate this product. So far, it seems to do the job, especially when I need a quick fix on the dark circles and puffiness around the eyes before starting my day.


Last but not least, I have Motives Dual Blending Sponge. Some of you might be going “But it looks exactly like the Beauty Blender!” and my answer is “Yes it does! And it does have the exact quality compared to the Beauty Blend”. The bonus is, this is almost $10 CHEAPER! They are available in pink and blue I believe.


Okay! That is it for this month beauty hauls. What are your favourite products this month? Is there anything you suggest me to try out?

I love to hear from everyone. Have a fabulous day!

From Tracey with love <3


    • Motives is so popular now it’s everywhere on social media lol That’s how I knew of the brand. Yes, check it out. I have embedded the link on my post. Let me know how your experience like with this brand. Thank you for reading my blog and leaving your comment! Have a wonderful day beautiful 🙂

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