How Does Mini Lip Injection Work? Pros & Cons

If you love beauty and pay attention to the beauty world, you know that lip injection has become one of the hottest trends these past few years. There are a lot of myths about lip injection and its pros and cons. Being such an experimental person, I have tried this new beauty trend myself earlier this year. Here is what I have to say about my experience.


#1: It is not as costly as you think it is

Depending on what you are looking to achieve, your lip filler can cost anywhere from $700-$1,000 CAD/ per syringe. However, you don’t always need to get a whole syringe injected. In my case, my trained and certified advanced injector and also the owner of MJ’s Beauty Bars advises that I should only get half of a syringe.

It is so important to make sure you come to the right person for this and know that what looks good on Kylie Jenner might not work for your face. MJ at MJ’s Beauty Bars is such an excellent person to come for real opinions and advice. I love that she never tries to sell me a full syringe. She tells me that more doesn’t necessarily mean better. We end up putting only half of a syringe on my lips. This is why we call it a “Mini Lip Plump”.

If you are thinking about getting a lip filler yourself and you are based in Toronto or Kingston, I highly recommend contacting MJ’s Beauty Bars or a trusted clinic in your area for a consultation first. You should make sure you to get all your questions answered so you can feel confident going forward with the procedure.


#2: The procedure only takes 15-20 minutes

The procedure wasn’t as bad as I assumed. Your doctor or your certified injector will numb your lips first and start the injection after making sure that your lips are well numbed. MJ is so professional and quick. She makes the whole procedures a lot more pleasant.

#3: There is ZERO downtime

This mini lip filler procedure involves very little to almost no bruising. The swelling can disappear within 24-48 hours. In my case, the bruise swelling doesn’t even last 24 hours. The product used on my lips is called Stlylage . This product has antioxidants such as mannitol and sorbitol which are sugar plant-based saccharides. They contain the free radicals caused by injections to minimize bruising and swelling.


The only cons I can say here is that it is not a permanent solution. Your filler lasts around 8 to 12 months. Your lips will slowly be depleted after this period and return to its original shape. This is probably when you want to visit your doctor/ injector again and consult on getting your “refill”.



  • Girl they look so good! I’ve definitely thought about getting fillers done, since they are temporary. I’m glad to know it’s not a fussy procedure and quite simple

    • It was quick and simple and it’s not permanent. I think the key is to speak to a trusted specialist with experience so they don’t try to sell you more than what you need and make sure your lips will look compatiable with the rest of your face 🙂 Let me know if you ever end up getting it!

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