My Must Have Skincare Products For This Winter


Hello everyone! Since the weather has been super cold lately and the snow has made its way to our daily life, I decided to share with those of you who have oily and acne prone skin my must-have products for this winter.

Every skincare routine should start with these two basic steps: cleanse and tone.

Skintelligence Hydra Derm Deep Cleansing Emulsion

This is my favourite cleanser of all time! I have been using this for the past 4 years and I don’t think I will ever want to switch to another brand. The price is super affordable (CAD $24.56) or (USD $18.95) for an 8-oz bottle which can potentially last you up to 3-4 months. What I love the most about this cleanser is the fact that is botanical based, hypo-allergenic and it helps me keep the oiliness under control. It also removes dirt & makeup (waterproof makeup sometimes) without making my skin feels dry and tight. You can also use this as shaving cream to avoid razor burn and roughness.

For those of you who don’t live in US & Canada, you can follow this LINK to check out the product.

Skintelligence PH Normalizer

4 years ago, I discovered this product and I have to say that it is better than any of the toners out there. It tones and balances the PH level of your skin without any harsh ingredients. If you have ever experienced applying so much moisturizer on your face in the winter and your skin is still so dry? That is because your PH level is off balance. For this reason, it is super important to keep the PH on your skin balance after cleansing (as most cleansers usually strip off the natural oil on your skin as well).

This spray is perfect for oily skin and acne prone skin as it works to balance your skin’s oil and leaves the skin a great fresh look. With natural ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, lavender extract and geranium extract, this spray will keep your skin and your face smooth and calm all winter!

I like to also use this as hair conditioner. If you feel like your hair is getting dry and frizzy, just spray this all over your hair and start enjoy the difference.

I also love the price of this product as I always look for great products at good deals. For the same price as the cleanser (CAD $24.65 or USD $18.95), you can make sure that your skin and hair are looking great for 4-5 months of this winter.

For those of you who don’t live in US & Canada, you can follow this LINK to check out the product.

Now that the first two steps: cleanse and tone is done.

Let’s get to the moisturizing step!

Lumiere Devie Super Cream 

There is a reason why this is called ‘Super Cream’. It is not your everyday moisturizer, this cream does not only improve the texture of your skin but also help brighten up the skin and dark spots. I highly recommend this product for night time only because it does have some peeling effect. You might see some dead skin being peeled off your skin but don’t be alarm! It is absolutely normal. Your skin will feel amazing after a few usage. This is also the reason why it stays on my MUST-HAVE list for the winter. When our skin is dry, it is very important to get rid of dead skin and built-ups to make sure that your skin is renewed and vibrant throughout the season. Getting rid of dead skin also means less space for acne and pimples to develop on your skin.

Price: CAD $104.02 or USD $79.95

For those of you who don’t live in US & Canada, you can follow this LINK to check out the product.

Lancôme Énergie de Vie The Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask

I recently did a collaboration with the amazing Myles Sexton (@MylesSexton, Lancome National MUA, and he introduced me to this life saver called The Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask. You don’t have to use this everyday. I use this once or twice a week and it is a major saver to my combination skin.

You can purchase this product through Sephora or click on this LINK to earn 2% cashback on any Sephora‘s purchase.

Price: $90

Last but not least, I want to talk about my two amazing treatment products:

Lumiere Devie Fading Fluid

I cannot live without this product. You know as someone who has been battling with acne and breakout, I have a lot of dark/acne spots that I have to deal with and this is where this serum is amazing. It can remove any type of dark/acne spots in the matter of a few days and also can make your scars less noticeable. Sometimes, this can even help with the redness and the pimple itself so you don’t even have to use harsh chemical based products to deal with your breakout.

Price: CAN $80.60 or USD $61.95

For those of you who don’t live in US & Canada, you can follow this LINK to check out the product.

Lumiere Devie Concentrating Serum

If you think that your moisturizer is adding more oil on your skin than the actual hydration, this is the product for you. For the years that I have been using this product, my skin has improved dramatically. Using all the natural ingredients from the earth and the sea, this product will not only improve your skin collagen, it will also add a natural glow to your skin. I have to say that if you have been using the ‘not so good’ products out there, your skin will need sometimes to get used to these healthy ingredients so don’t worry if you feel a bit tingling or a bit of redness. Everything will go away in a week and your skin will show the transformation.

This is so far the most expensive product I have invested my money in and I have no regret. Ever since I discovered this product, my skin has never been a stress or concern anymore. I can wear no foundation to the gym or go outside without feeling insecure about my skin. This product is truly a blessing!

Price: CAD $113.12 or USD $86.95

For those of you who don’t live in US & Canada, you can follow this LINK to check out the product

Hope this helps those of you that are struggling with finding the right skincare routine for yourself this winter! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions regarding my experience with these products.

Happy holidays! Stay warm and stay flawless!



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