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How To Style Your Outdoor Space This Summer

Summer is finally here! Summer is the season of outdoor activities, BBQ, ice-cream and cold lemonade. Today, I want to share with you just a few additional items that can be added to your existing outdoor space. I can’t wait to see you turn your outdoor space into the best place to hang this summer!


As I mentioned, summer is a great season to get together with some cold drinks and yummy BBQ. We always hope for the sun to stay with us a lot longer in the summer, but how many of you would you want your outdoor parties to last until the night? Who knows a little touch of light can totally bring a new summer vibe to your outdoor space. If you are one of those who thinks string lights are only for December when Christmas is approaching, think again!

Check out the following ideas on outdoor lights that I have for you!



How about making a fire without a flame? Loving this idea from

One of my favorite stores to shop for outdoor light is Wayfair.

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This season, Wayfair has a ton of cute and super affordable items that can make your outdoor a perfect space for all summer outdoor activities.

Shop for outdoor & string lights this season HERE



Whether you have a small or big outdoor space, an outdoor rug will definitely bring in the coziness that you are looking for. There are so many stores that offer chic and affordable outdoor rugs out there. Check out some inspirations that I have saved for you!





This is NOT a sponsored post but I always love to recommend people to stores that I love and that are affordable for everyone and of course, I have to talk about Wayfair again! My best friend just got two indoor rugs from them and they are perfect so I hope you can find something that you love at Wayfair as well. What I love the most is they have quick shipping and outstanding customer service!

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  1. Sarah says

    What a well thought out and excellently crafted post so much inspiration as per usual thanks for sharing. I had a beautiful tent in my backyard space which is a half court of concrete but it ripped in a storm so I must get another. A throw blanket and love seat for reading are a must same with the rug. I love hanging little cutsie things on my fence and having flowers and herb gardens. I avoid the cutsie tea lights that I love because I’m in a woody area and it’s bad for attracting bugs so I like to have my citronella candles for light and have a candle holder I use from ikea. My tip is to shop late in the season enjoy September in my outdoor space and save some money while being prepared for next season.

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