The Gift Guide For A Spiritual BossBabe

If you are wondering what to get for your loved one who is on their spiritual journey to discover life and the Universe, finding a gift this holiday season might be a bit tricky. This gift guide will help make your gift shopping a lot easier. I have put together a list of gifts that will put a smile on your spiritual boss babe. If you are one, you will find these ideas interesting and might as well shop for yourself.

  1. The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein via INDIGO

If you talk to any spiritual boss babe, they will tell you that this book is a must-have. I can really go on and on how much I love this book but that is for another day. If you would like to get up to 30% CASHBACK shopping this season including this book online, CLICK HERE.

2. Crystal Accessories from Kinsley Armell

A spiritual boss babe will tell you how much she loves her crystal & her crystal accessories. To them, crystals are more valuable than any gold in this world because of the healing & protecting power of crystal.

I spent days going through pages of Etsy and couldn’t find any crystal jewelry that is also stylish and chic until I discovered Kinsley Armelle. They are having some amazing sale right now so you can take advantage of that. 

Use code: LIPSTICKANDMUFFIN for extra discount

3. Essential oil mist from Cardea Auset

I recently went to a True Beauty Talk event where I learned about the clean beauty industry and how amazing it is to support businesses whose value is all about sustainability. At this event, I purchased a bottle of essential oil mist from Cardea Auset and I have been obsessed with it.

My 2 favourites are CALM & ACTIVATE. They are amazing to spray on your yoga mat, on your pillow or your meditaion corner. Of course, they also smell amazing! 

I forgot to mention that this brand is also run by some amazing boss babes!

Cardea Auset


This item is actually on my wishlist for this year. I have been wanting this yoga mat for a really long time.

My lady boss friend Lisa Ho, who is also the founder of this incredible brand ALWAYS X ALWAYS, is an inspirational person. It would be a waste if I don’t include her beautiful product in this gift guide.

I hope this gift guide gives you some new ideas on how what to put a smile on your spiritual bossbabe friend or yourself. 

Have fun shopping!


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