If you are someone who is constantly on social media, you must have heard about the term “social media detox” before.

So, what is it and why is it so important to entrepreneurs or content creators?

What is social media detox & why is it so important?

Social media detox is not just for social media influencers & celebrities. It is for anyone and it should be done often. If you are an entrepreneur, a digital nomad or someone who is constantly working on and with social media, a detox is needed as much as possible.

What is social media detox?

Once in a couple of months, I would take a few days off social media (meaning I don’t open Instagram/ FB or don’t even check my e-mails sometimes) to spend time quality with my loved ones, with myself or to work on my business.

How does one have a social media detox?

You can look at your agenda and see if you can take a few days completely off social media.

I often set Out of office auto response for my e-mail as well.

I delete Instagram from my phone and turn off FB notifications. You don’t have to delete the APP on your phone but for someone who is “obsessed” with Instagram like myself, I had to go a little bit extreme.

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Why should we all have Social Media Detox as often as we can?

  1. To Break Our Comparison Cycle

I love social media & love helping other women build their social media empire. But I hate the dark side of social media and what it has done to us women when we have to constantly look at ‘picture perfect’ posts on the internet and compare ourselves to other women. Comparing yourself to others, regardless if it’s online or offline, never brings you good energy. Especially when it is some strangers on Instagram.

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2. To find out FOMO is not a real thing!

Like people often say, fear is not real, it is only in our head. Fear of missing out (FOMO) isn’t real either. We live in a society where most of our life is showcased and happening on social media ( and sometimes, it’s not real). But you have to have the courage to step away from it to realize that it isn’t real.

Social media detox gives you an opportunity to realize that missing out is actually not bad. Matter of fact, there is a sort of joy and happiness to know that you are missing out everything that is happening on social media to focus on what is REALLY HAPPENING in your REAL LIFE.

3. To Maintain Good Mental Health

Most entrepreneurs tend to forget that mental health is just as important as your physical health. The only difference is, when your mental health is not well, it doesn’t show up on your physical appearance. Social media can do many wonderful things but it also has negative impacts on your mental health if you let it take over you.

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4. To Refresh Your Mind & Refuel Our Inspiration

As a social media content creator, a business owner and a founder of a social media agency, it sounds a little unreal that I am actually recommending you to get on board with this detox but it is true. Social media detox gives you the opportunity to “detox” your mind. Just like juice cleanses or a detox diet, social media detox refreshes your mind, helps you see things in different perspectives and gives you a chance to re-evaluate your game plan, your strategy and even fuels your inspiration.

5. To Remind Ourselves Of What’s Important

Last but not least, taking some time off social media will remind you of life when social media didn’t exist, of real connections, real conversations and real relationships.

Hope you will soon put a side a few days to get away from social media to rest, refresh and come back with more positive energy and creativity after this post.

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