What Not To Do When You Want To Start A Blog

Hello everyone and welcome to my new personal blog!

For those of you who have been following me, you might have noticed that my LipstickAndMuffin site has turned into my social media & brand consulting business. The site’s blog portion has turned into a collaborative blog for other bloggers to share their knowledge, experience and to shine. Turning LipstickAndMuffin into a business has been such an incredible journey. I have learned so much! Web designing, photoshop, coding, html…you name it! Building a website is so much different from building a blog. Thanks to all the help of my tech-savvy friends! The journey has been a fun one. We are still in the process of perfecting the site and adding more content but feel free to check it HERE and let me know your feedback!

For a while, I thought that I wouldn’t need to have a personal blog of my own anymore. Recently, I have been getting a lot of messages, e-mails and conversations that really made me think “Should I get back to the blogging scene again?” and so I did!

When I was thinking about the appropriate topic to write for my first post, I stumbled across some e-mails from many followers and clients who inquired about what to do to get their blogging career started. That’s when I decided that this topic was a perfect one to start on this new platform!

If you think I am going to talk more about “How To Start A Blog”  in this post, I apologize. My business partner, Kate Bialowas, has a beauty site that talks about ‘everything blogging’ that you have to check out. She can definitely teach you a lot on what you have to do to start your first blog. Check her site out!


As for me, what I want to share with you today is actually “What Not To Do When You Want To Start A Blog” because I feel like I can truly speak from my experience with this topic.

What Not To Do #1: Don’t start your blog because you want to be famous on social media

Top bloggers are not called ‘Influencers’ for no reason. As a blogger, you have the power to influence a lot of people across social media and the internet. Use your blog as a platform to express your ideas, your creativity, your experience and your passion! Blogging is fun but to build it up as a personal brand takes time and effort and if your passion is not real, you will quickly find that this ‘blogging thing’ is not for you.

What Not To Do #2: Take people’s opinions too seriously

If I can describe my blog in another word, it should be called my ‘comfort zone’. I started blogging since I first came to Canada, which is when I was 16. I came to Toronto by myself as an international student from Vietnam with little English. It was quite of a culture shock for me. My blog, which was on Yahoo360 at the time, was my comfort zone. I enjoyed blogging and used it as my outlet to express myself because I was very quiet in school and did not have much friends or social life. I used to write about my experience in Canada, my everyday life trying to adapt with the new culture. I used to write about how much I miss home and my family. Sometimes, I shared about the things that kept me motivated and the things that helped me become mentally stronger. I was being 100% honest with myself and my feelings. My audience were mostly my Vietnamese friends. As you all know, Yahoo360 didn’t last long. When Yahoo shut it down, I took a break from blogging.

When I wanted to start a real blog on WordPress writing about fashion, beauty & entrepreneurship 5 years ago, I was frightened. I was worried about what other people had to say about my writing skill, my self-taught beauty tips, my pictures quality, my ‘lipstick and muffin’ blog name…I was worried about everything and was comparing myself to everyone!

As I get older, I have learned that progress is better than perfect. Sometimes, you just need to JUST DO IT and not care too much about what other people have to say. It’s okay if you are not a writer! It’s okay if English is not your first language. As long as you work on improving it everyday, it’s the progress that counts.


This photo was on my blog 2 years ago…when my picture was filtered with Instagram filter and when my eyebrows and makeup weren’t so on fleek! 🙂 

What Not To Do #3: Try To Be Someone You Are Not

Don’t be afraid to be yourself on your blog! Actually, you SHOULD always be yourself on and off your blog! When I first started, I thought that I needed to be trendy to be relevant and to get a lot of views. But do you know what relevant? Your own voice, your heart and your passion. That is something that no one else out there can imitate. That is something that will make you relevant and relatable. That is when people will subscribe and follow your blog because they love the authenticity that you bring to the world.

What Not To Do #4: Being Inconsistent

I know, I know! I was guilty of this as well. But I quickly realized that that consistency is the key to succeed in everything in life. It’s like building a house. It doesn’t happen overnight. You have to lay down the bricks one by one every single day. Kate has a great post on her blog talking about why and how to create a editorial calendar for your blog. Click HERE to read it!

What Not To Do #5: Expect People To Know You and Follow Your Blog

…Because you will be very disappointed!

When starting a blog, it is easy to get drown in all the excitement and to have high expectation in the reaction that you would get from your audience. It is important to have a realistic goal and start building towards the goal every day. When I started LipStickAndMuffin BlogI set a goal to get at least 200 followers during my first year and today I have over 500 followers and I am still working on it everyday to build that number up.

At the end of the day, my reason for writing this post is to share with you the resource and the experience that I have been through. Hope this “5 What Not To Do” post can help you to make the right course of actions when thinking about starting your blogging career.

If you need help with setting up a blog, brand consulting or just ask general questions, feel free to reach out to ME 🙂 and visit our LipStick And Muffin Media Website!


Photo credits: Ashleycreatesthings.com


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