Why I Open Up About My Experience With Cosmetic Injectables

It’s almost 2020 and I think it’s about time for us to address the elephant in the room. The elephant (aka “injectable treatments) has been a controversial topic. I feel like injectables are something that many people are getting but not everyone is willing to be open about. And because we haven’t been as open about it in the past, it creates more barriers for other women to learn more and make the right decisions for themselves. However, this is changing. 

I’ve heard horror stories about bad experiences with expired products, or experiences where people did not feel like they had a proper consultation. I believe that more women can avoid making these mistakes if they can feel free, safe and open to discussing injectable treatments. This is why it is so important to educate yourself so that you can find the right injector and together, develop a treatment plan that works for you. 


As I mentioned in my latest post about my “My first time getting JUVÉDERM® fillers”, I believe that beauty is skin-deep and there isn’t any magic in this world that could help someone who doesn’t love themselves. At the same time, I also believe that women have choices, options and it is really up to them to do what makes them the happiest. This post, as a result, is all about having an open conversation about cosmetic treatments. 

As someone who has experienced cyber bullies & judgment for being open about my cosmetic treatments by other women online and via social media, I felt a strong urge to write about this topic. Here are the reasons why I think as women, we should be more open to accept and respect other women’s choices as well as be more willing to learn and get more educational information before making our decision or judgments.

#1: Cosmetic treatment options aren’t what they used to be

When we are busy sitting here judging another woman for their “poor’’ choices and “insecurity”, the medical aesthetics industry has changed dramatically over the years. While people may have visited their medical aesthetics practitioner back in the day with a picture of their favourite idol or celebrity, people today are striving to simply enhance their natural features and look like a refreshed version of themselves. 

#2: JUVÉDERM® treatments are a great re-investment of your beauty dollars

When it comes to anti-aging, it is obvious that the process involves a lot more than just more surface-level beauty products. It is about your lifestyle, diet, genetics, and environmental factors. My biggest misconception about fillers was that they would be costly but as I get closer to my 30th birthday, I realized that they are well worth the investment in myself. The best part is that JUVÉDERM® fillers can make a big difference in a short period of time. They totally can be reversed, require almost no downtime and the results could last up to a year (depending on the individual).

#3: Because women should respect and support one another

Having first-hand experience of being judged, I know how hard it could be for other women to initiate conversations about injectables. I also think that it shouldn’t be that way. It is already hard enough for us as women to be judged by the rest of society, let’s not do that to each other. 

#4: No one should be ashamed for wanting to look their best

I believe that each and every single one of us holds our own unique definition of what beauty should look like and we should respect each others’ choices and decisions. What we should do instead of judging is to share our knowledge, our experience, and information openly so that we can all have a healthy conversation around beauty. Events like Beauty Decoded hosted by JUVÉDERM® are such great opportunities for us to learn, have fun and initiate meaningful conversations about this topic. Click here to find a Beauty Decoded Local event near you. The events, held by clinics across Canada are a great way to connect with experts and get all of your questions answered about facial fillers! 

#5: Because it is not always about “Low Confidence & Lack of Self-love”

It’s not always about the “low self-esteem and lack of self-love” thing. Sometimes, you just need a little refresh. Sometimes, you just need your face to not say “I am exhausted” when you are a boss woman or a mom with kids. 

There are actually a lot of women out there who are like that. I am one of them. We have absolutely no problems with our looks and our self-confidence. In fact, we love ourselves enough to take some preventative actions so that we can always look and feel our best and are ready to conquer the day.

What about you? What are your thoughts when it comes to injectables? Let’s have an open conversation about it!

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